Evolutionary ecology of downy mildews: Ecological processes involved in pathogen evolution are believed to be impacted by agricultural practices. The project will assess the  of disease management strategies (exposure to fungicides, total or quantitative resistance of the host) on the evolution of virulence and on agressiveness components of Plasmopara viticola and Plasmopara halstedii populations.

  • European KBBE FP7 INNOVINE project (2013-2016).
  • EVOHE (2013-2015) funded by the Aquitaine council

Invasion history of grapevine and sunflower downy mildews: We use historical data and population genetics to assess genetic diversity and structure of native/introduced pathogen populations and reconstruct the worldwide routes of invasion of these destructive plant diseases.

  • French National Research Agency – ANR Emerfundis (2008-2010)
  • INRA / CETIOM / Promosol

Evolutionnary genomics : bridging the gap between phenotype and genotype

  • Grapevine downy mildew genomics (2009-present) funded by INRA and the French National Research Agency through ANR GANDALF (2013-2016): the aim of the project is to obtain the first extensive genomic data on the biotrophic oomycete responsible for grapevine downy mildew (Plasmopara viticola). A reference genome has been assembled and 20 isolates of P. viticola showing ecological adaptations are currently under sequencing.
  • Grape phylloxera genomics (2012-present) funded by INRA (France), DPI (Australia) and BGI (China). Grape Phylloxera (Daktulosphaira vitifoliae Fitch), because of its basal phylogenetic relationship to aphids, provides an interesting model for comparative genomics studies between aphids (in the broad sense). We are currently sequencing the grape phylloxera genome in the framework of the International Aphid Genomics Consortium (IAGC) and the i5K initative.


  • Cyril DUTECH -  Fungal plant pathogen genetics – INRA Bordeaux, France
  • Michael C. FONTAINE – Population genetics – Notre Dame University, Indiana, USA
  • Tatiana GIRAUD – Fungal plant-pathogen evolution – CNRS, Univ. Orsay, France
  • Pere MESTRE, Didier MERDINOGLU – Grapevine breeding – INRA Colmar, France
  • Kevin POWELL – Phylloxera genomics – DPI, Victoria, Australia
  • Claude RISPE, Denis TAGU – Aphid Genomics – INRA Rennes, France
  • Annemiek SCHILDER – Plant Pathology – Michigan State University, USA
  • Denis TOURVIEILLE DE LABROUHE – Plant Pathology – INRA Clermont, France
  • Patrick VINCOURT, Laurence GODIARD, Jérôme GOUZY – Plasmopara Genomics, Bioinformatics – INRA Toulouse, France
  • Hermann VOGLMAYR – Oomycetes systematics – Univ. of Vienna, Austria